#2 First Important Lesson for Python Beginners

Sometimes some of the people have to learn Python programming language in a limited time. Usually, it has to learn because the job challenges them to create python programming. So this article talk about how to start learn and practice python. What issue that we need to know first?
The topic is important because we need to make a good job about python at a limited time.

I argue that important point for beginners to know about python is about program installation, workflow, and the glossary.

Install python program and the related program is important to know. So we can run the program and do the jobs. Workflow of programming is also important, so we can finish and give benefit, even if we create a simple program. Python Glossary is also important to know, so we can write and read python language that computer can obey.

Python and IDE Program Installation

First point. To start to learn Python, we need to know how to install python and related program. Different from another program that it is better to select the newest version of the program, python is not like that. That is because python 2x (Python version that begins with 2) sometimes not compatible with python 3x.

If we have a script that is written in Python 2, we cannot run it by python 3. However, if we want to create scripts from scratch, from blank, it is better to choose python 3, because python foundation will develop python 3. Their support for Python 2 will stop at 2020. Related program to write python code is Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for python. IDE is text editor to write python that has featured that support us to write correctly.

I will show you how to install python and IDE python text editor.

Open a browser and go to https://www.python.org/downloads/. Then choose the latest version of python 2x or 3x that suit for your operating system. If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, choose python for windows. https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ . If your OS is Mac, choose Mac OS, https://www.python.org/downloads/mac-osx/. If your OS is linux, choose https://www.python.org/downloads/source/. Then click Setup.

Python have features: program that run the code and IDE text Editor. If you want to try another alternative of text editor for python programming, it is a list of that.

  • pycharm
  • sublime text 3
  • notepad++

Workflow of Programming

To begin start python programming, we need to know about the workflow of programming. Workflow programming is simple, but if we do not know, we confuse.

Workflow of programming is two steps. First is writing code in text editor IDE. Second, run program in python. Python also have command prompt, it is place to try or learn program. Python command prompt did not save your code, so don’t write your code here. To access IDE, open your chosen IDE program. If you want to run program, usually IDE have feature to run program.

To practice about programming, we can start to create simple program.

Open text editor IDE, like Python IDLE (Python GUI), Sublime Text, Pycharm, Notepad++ .

That is picture of Python IDLE in windows environment. Click IDLE then write as below.

print (‘Hello world’)

Then save code file, with .py extension. Then run the code. To run the code, click run menu on the top, then run module or F5 in windows. then you will see program in run mode.

That is work flow of python programming.

  • Open text editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Write the code
  • save file to be py extension
  • Run code

Python Glossary

If we know about Python Glossary and punctuation, we can read and write more easily. Of course, some code is long and complex, so we sometimes do not understand. But by know Python glossary, we have step forward to read complex code.

Compare to human language as English, Greek language and so on, Python have different language. Human language has words, sentence, and composition. Python has words, sentence and composition, but it is different. Guido von Rossum create Python language, so it can be read by computer and human. Python is language so human can instruct and program a computer.

Program is instruction or set of instruction that computer can understand and run.

Component of instructions are

  • variable
  • operator (conditional, logic, arithmetic),
  • data type,
  • lists,
  • loops.
  • Class

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