Old Version Steps of Personal Selling

Steps of selling is important theme in personal selling. This article will tell about old version steps of personal selling. It is one that has a long history of its roots. In 1920, there was a sales training book entitled “How to Increase Your Sales”. The book explains 6 steps sales, (Moncrief & Marshall, 2005). […] →Read more

Block Youtube Application from TP Link Router

In the coronavirus pandemic, WHO recommends us to stay at home, work at home, and so on. Usually, the government applies lockdowns to force us to work, study at home, and stay at home. Fortunately, the internet makes work at home is possible, for several kinds of work, for example, digital marketing, and another business […] →Read more

Definition of Selling Management

Sales management is an effort to manage the sales force team. The Salesperson Team is a team for making personal sales. The American Marketing Association (American Marketing Association) regulates sales management as “planning, direction, including recruitment, selection, supply, assignment, direction, bleeding, payment, and support for sales team members. “Sales management” as “personal sales planning, direction […] →Read more

What is Value Proposition

What is the value proposition? What are its uses in our business? Value proposition is not the consumption of the viewer, but the consumption of the business owner. Value propositions are not slogans, not advertisements. Value proposition is what benefits can meet customer expectations from your product or service. How does your product help customers […] →Read more