Social Media ads more efective if consider media character

admin March 15, 2017

Don’t just plug your print media ads into Facebook ads. That is using Facebook ads and without using facebook ads feature. So consider character and feature of facebook ads character.

Character Facebook # 1: Audience Reaction can be quickly identified

The viewer’s reaction to Ads on Facebook is instantaneous. While the reaction of mass media viewers more difficult to be felt must do research. This is because Facebook includes two-way media. You serve ads, viewers can respond to a thumbs up status or an ad, thumbs up or follow a page, commenting, sharing, clicking a link, clicking the purchase basket and sending a private line message.

What’s the point of knowing this for advertisers on facebook? By knowing this, we know earlier, one day is enough, how many viewers like our ads. How much is interested and purchased, how many are interested but there are price, range, and other constraints. We’d better prepare a lot of ads, then check in a day, where the ads get a positive reaction. Ads that provoke their interest to follow your offer, are maintained. Ads that do not interest them, can be stopped. Ads that work well, which triggers the target audience to contact you and buy, can be forwarded.

Facebook Character # 2: Advertisers can collect audience data as well

This is a Facebook feature that gives us accumulative rewards from the work of advertising. We not only get results from sales but also get data about a group of interested people, which in the future we can lead to sales.

If you install a commercial status on a free facility, we can know the account that gives the thumbs up, comments and conveys the message through private channels, or can also contact WhatsApp us.

If you put ads on paid Facebook ads, in addition, you get you can search, find and collect people who love your product.

Character Facebook # 3: there are free and paid to advertise

When the definition appears, any mass media that reaches a large audience must pay to use it. Because the operational costs of the media are very large, then the mass media who advertise in the media, must pay to the owner of the media.

But in social media, anyone with an account can post commercial messages on personal status, facebook page (fan page) and Facebook group. It’s free with limitations: the reach is limited to friends who are often invited to interact, followers, Facebook page, and members of the facebook group. While the facebook account outside it cannot be reached by free status unless your message is very interesting so there are friends who share your status.

Writing ads on personal status, groups, and pages (fan page) for free it has a weakness in terms of reach. The free ads only reach friends, group members and followers of the page (follower fan page). This weakness is overcome by paid advertising. Paying Facebook ads, or better known as Facebook ads can reach people outside the group members, friends, and followers of the page.

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