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admin March 8, 2017

Important to know the characteristics of social media facebook, in order to optimize the ability of Facebook for advertising purposes. Facebook advertising is not like moving mass media advertising into the Facebook channel because it means not exploiting the power of Facebook. Advertising in the mass media is to compose advertisements, after previous market research, then submit the ad copy to the mass media. After the case. Of course not forbidden to do such a thing on facebook. However, it is wasteful and ineffective. The power of Facebook needs to be used to achieve the purpose of advertising with time, energy and cost savings.

Audience Data

Social media Facebook has a data audience that keeps current and actual (update real time). Facebook records what you write on forms like name, gender, date of birth, residence. Not only that, Facebook also record your behavior that you do not write in the form. Facebook records what you click on, how long you read a status, image, video, what links are clicks, mobile phone you use, internet signal you use, where the position where you are when holding the phone and others.

Mass media have no audience data like Facebook. The mass media also have audience profile data, but it’s not as recent and instant as facebook. The mass media understands the profile of the audience not directly, but through a sample survey of the population, not all people are surveyed. Things that are known are also not as detailed as Facebook.

The profile of a dedicated audience on facebook includes location, Home Position, Language, Family Member, Profession, Education, Politics (American Only), Income, Celebration, Relationship, Generation, Momentum of Life, Gender, Friends of whom, Age, Fanpage followed, Used Apps, Hobbies, Entertainment, Industry, Interest in Technology, Sports, Online Shopping, Food and Drink, Web visited, Level of engagement on facebook activities, Owned cars, Financial activities, Buying behavior, Mobility, Activities Business, Expatriate, and buying behavior. All of that can be spelled out in detail in the audience insight – or audience insights.

By having the most up-to-date, instantaneous audience of data, ads on Facebook can leverage that data to achieve its goal of seducing people to buy what you sell. With that data, you can consider in the preparation of their product and service offerings.

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