Liking Principle Persuasion

adminMarch 2, 2018
Liking principle persuasion is a very effective technique you should know to persuade, even in advertising, face to face communication and social media. If you didn’t know this technique, you exhaust your energy, time and money for using a job that not sell. Liking Principle Persuasion Definition Liking Principle Persuasion means that we tend to agree and […]

Persuasion Technique: Social Proof

adminMarch 2, 2018
persuasion technique social proof
The persuasion technique social proof is most often used in ads and also political campaign. It is a very effective technique to persuade, so if you want to persuade successfully, consider this technique. Definition of Social Proof It means, if you want to persuade someone to follow what you want, show that many people include celebrity, […]

Persuasive Technique in Advertising

adminFebruary 26, 2018
Persuasion technique in advertising
This is one of persuasive technique in advertising, consistency. This is one of  6 Cialdini’s factor of persuasion. Another factor is reciprocity that i write in here.   Advertising often using this consistency technique to seduce the audience. Why this persuasive technique in advertising work? Break commitment and inconsistency is a generally undesirable public image or make […]

Give free Marketing

adminFebruary 21, 2018
give free marketing
Give free marketing is an irresistible offer.  This principle of persuasion can help to create a strategy and understand your competitor strategy to influence the customer.  Marketer often gives gimmick,  free something or give attention first, that makes customer have a moral duty or debt of gratitude at least give similar attention, and often buy your […]

Attention Factor In Ads

adminMay 18, 2017
Attention Factor In Ads is important to make ads sell and make ads cost efficient. Once upon a day,  a gathering of psychologists and scientists at Goettingen. In the middle of the forum room, suddenly the door opened. There were people dressed in comedians. There was a black man dressed in black in a black […]

Advertising Role In Society, Not Only Words

adminJanuary 9, 2017
Advertising Role In Society is important topics. Without knowing their role and power, we can think that advertising is only words. In the previous article, I said that language is power. Ads also power because it is language. Language, including promotions containing words, pictures, and recordings, is an extremely powerful apparatus for human control. Dialect […]