Easy Question as Soft Selling in Social Media

adminMarch 14, 2018
Easy Question as Soft Selling in Social Media. Easy questions trigger audience engagement to answer. Questions that everyone can answer. Someone thought it was a silly question. The problem is, if the question is difficult, even less provoke people to answer. Their answer is important to signal to Facebook that meaningful conversation takes place and […]

Editorial Article as Soft Selling

adminMarch 14, 2018
Editorial Article as Soft Selling is a powerful strategy in advertising that Ogilvy do. People come to the internet not to look for ads. They are looking for information. If on facebook, they want to make friends and seek information. If possible, they reject information distorted for commercial and political reasons. Why Editorial Article is […]

Daily Story as Soft Selling in Media Social

adminMarch 14, 2018
Daily Story as Soft Selling will solve difficulty to deliver ads to the audience who didn’t want to read ads is need tactical approach. Usually, people come to social media and surf the internet, not to read ads. They open social media to make friends. They share useful and impartial information. The audience doesn’t want a […]

Give free Marketing

adminFebruary 21, 2018
give free marketing
Give free marketing is an irresistible offer.  This principle of persuasion can help to create a strategy and understand your competitor strategy to influence the customer.  Marketer often gives gimmick,  free something or give attention first, that makes customer have a moral duty or debt of gratitude at least give similar attention, and often buy your […]

Don’t Sell Ice to an Eskimo

adminFebruary 19, 2018
Don’t Sell Ice to an Eskimo often used in training about marketing. Never sell ice to Eskimo people. But it is also mean don’t give present ice to Eskimo. That is a phrase that is quite famous in the marketing world. Uniquely, meaning varies. You can also convert from meaningless products to meaningful products. 5 meaning […]

Facebook Algorithm 2018, How to Dealing With?

adminJanuary 16, 2018
Facebook Algorithm 2018 have new update at 11 January 2018. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced to update and prioritize Facebook’s News Feed algorithm to be more “meaningful social interactions” over “relevant content” . He will turn facebook to more “making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent”. That is a new benefit that Facebook offer […]

Funneling Marketing Ideas

adminJanuary 8, 2018
Funneling Marketing Ideas is wonderful and breakthrough in marketing problem. Funnel in marketing is great ideas. These ideas break our mind block and stuck when we want to If you market our products. Without funnel ideas, we don’t know the soft result of marketing activities. We do marketing activities, like promotion, distribution, packaging, open showroom. What […]

Target Market Characteristic that give insights

adminJune 13, 2017
Target Market Characteristic give us insights about how to writer acceptable copywriting ads and picture. The advertiser as a marketer is not just a writer and make an image of ads that offer a product only. As a marketer, ad builders try to match messages to a target market situation. If the advertiser is an […]

Persuasion Factor that Important

adminApril 8, 2017
Persuasion Factor is an important skill to manage the better world, even though we can use for destroying the world.  Persuasion is also important for advertising. How does the ad seduce? The success of seduction is not entirely due to seductive factors, but also the seduced factor, the target market. What happens to the seducer, and […]

Learn from Godfather for Advertiser

adminMarch 29, 2017
Learn from godfather  is entertaining and interesting. In one of the scenarios of the movie God Father, famous singer Johnny Fontane said that his career has a problem to Godfather, Fontane said he was rejected for the lead film by movie studio director Jack Woltz, though the role most suited him. It can be maintained his […]