Target Market Profiles That Inspire to Create Value Proposition

adminJanuary 16, 2018
By knowing geography, demography, psychography, and behavior, does an automatic person have an insight into what the product can offer? Not everyone can. Alexander Osterwalder, not known as a marketing figure, offers a profile that makes formulation more easy for services. How he does this, instead of viewing the segment, namely responsibilities, hopes, and fears. […]

Unbounce Value Preposition statement

adminJanuary 14, 2018
Unbounce is a website that offers to address a common marketer pain point of needing to defer to or call in their “IT guys.” This is an example that if some pain of customer happens, that is an opportunity. If solution by geek IT make pain for some customer, there is an opportunity to create new […]

Why Value Proposition is Important for Us

adminJune 25, 2017
Famous Quote “any product or service that  capable of providing solutions for consumers, then the product or service is definitely required by consumers.” Our business task is to create a fit between our offering and customer profile. We revise our offering, explore the benefit of our offering for our customer for one goal: fit. It […]

What Value Proposition For You

adminJune 20, 2017
What is the value proposition? What is in it for our business? The value proposition is not ads for the audience, but the message of business owners. Value proposition is not a slogan, not an ad. The value proposition is what benefits are able to meet customer’s expectations of your product or service. How your […]

From Value Preposition to Video Script

adminMay 20, 2017
The value proposition can help to inspire us to create the good advertisement. Why, because value proposition exposes benefit for them, solve the solution, reduce pain and increase gain. Based on the value proposition, advertisement focus to creates new sign and language of the value proposition.  Value proposition formula is like this: Our [products and service] help [customer segment] […]

Example of Value Proposition

adminMay 16, 2017
Several websites have an article about an example of value proposition, for example, wordstream.  Uber is the smartest way to get around. That does not describe customer, what offer by uber, and what customer gain, and what pain that reduced by uber. It doest follows this formula. That is: Our [products and service] help [customer segment] who want […]

This Small Step Help Us Create Big Impact Offer

adminMay 14, 2017
The most important thing in our business is our customer. Without the customer, no business. No transaction, and no profit. Then second important one is fit offering. Offering that fit to need and expectation of customer segment. Often we just produce. Then promotion. We can succeed with that method, but something we can be stuck because […]