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advertorial advertising

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Advertorial advertising is a technique to adjust people mood. People come to the internet not to look for ads.  That is their mood. They are looking for information. If on facebook, they want to make friends and seek information. If possible, they reject information distorted for commercial and political reasons. When they want to buy something, they intend to seek information, not looking for ads that claim to be the number one ketchup. They seek information about objective products. Not one-sided. The presumption that the internet is a giant promotional channel is not entirely true, as visitors seek information, not to read information. Therefore, in order for the desire to sell on the Internet to be channeled, they need to hide behind factual information that is objective or objective. For example information such as articles in newspapers and magazines, with the aim of finding the best information with maximum benefits.

Editorial Style Advertising

They are informed about the product, not in the ad format, but rather in editorial formats such as articles, testimonials, case studies. The theme of the article can be related to the benefits of your product. Eg your product about pecel spices with health benefits and additional income. Articles may be related to health and additional income. Spice pecel became one of the health contributors and additional income. The formula of the articles charged with the soft-selling method is. The benefits of what the product. Talk about anything that supports the benefits. Talk about anything that supports health and additional income, if the customer segment wants that. Not just pecel seasoning, but all the factors. Seasoning pecel is only one factor. According to Ogilvy in Ogilvy on Advertising, "there is no rule that ads should be like ads. If you can make it like an editorial page, you will attract more readers. The average person reads the article 6 times more than reading the ad. Rarely have ads read more than one person in every 20 people. "So, inserting ads in articles will increase the number of people to read. Here are Roll Rolls Roll ads. The maker David Ogilvy. According to research, ads with style like articles will increase the number of people who read up to 80%.

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