Why Value Proposition is Important for Us

adminJune 25, 2017
Famous Quote “any product or service that  capable of providing solutions for consumers, then the product or service is definitely required by consumers.” Our business task is to create a fit between our offering and customer profile. We revise our offering, explore the benefit of our offering for our customer for one goal: fit. It […]

What Value Proposition For You

adminJune 20, 2017
What is the value proposition? What is in it for our business? The value proposition is not ads for the audience, but the message of business owners. Value proposition is not a slogan, not an ad. The value proposition is what benefits are able to meet customer’s expectations of your product or service. How your […]

More Insightful Characteristic of Target Market

adminJune 13, 2017
The advertiser as a marketer is not just a writer and make an image of ads that offer a product only. As a marketer, ad builders try to match messages to a target market situation. If the advertiser is an outsourcing, who refuse to research the target market because it spends cost, so it is the […]