Similarity of Godfather Vs Ads

adminMarch 29, 2017
In one of the scenarios of the movie God Father, famous singer Johnny Fontane said that his career has a problem¬†to Godfather, Fontane said he was rejected for the lead film by movie studio director Jack Woltz, though the role most suited him. It can be maintained his career. Fontane says there is no way […]

How Ads Persuade Us

adminMarch 20, 2017
How does advertising seduce? Ads seduce as people influence others, attract attention, arouse their desires, tell them how to satisfy their needs, show benefits when following your advice, and risk not following your advice. American advertising makes the acronym of how ads woo the target market, known as A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) Attract Attention […]

Social Media ads more efective if consider media character

adminMarch 15, 2017
Don’t just plug your print media ads into Facebook ads. That is using Facebook¬†ads and without using facebook ads feature. So consider character and feature of facebook ads character. Character Facebook # 1: Audience Reaction can be quickly identified The viewer’s reaction to Ads on Facebook is instantaneous. While the reaction of mass media viewers […]

Impact Social Media Character for Ads

adminMarch 8, 2017
Important to know the characteristics of social media facebook, in order to optimize the ability of Facebook for advertising purposes. Facebook advertising is not like moving mass media advertising into the Facebook channel because it means not exploiting the power of Facebook. Advertising in the mass media is to compose advertisements, after previous market research, […]