Role Ads in Business like striker

adminFebruary 25, 2017
Where is the position of advertising in the canvas business model? It is on the channel. The position of the ad in a business model is part of the promotion, while the promotion is part of the channel. His job is to communicate about brands, show credibility, introduce products and seduce people to buy products. […]

All Component Support our Value Preposition

adminFebruary 20, 2017
Key partners is the marketer that said signal to┬áthe target market. A key partner is an outsider of a company that plays an important role in the company. They are, for example, suppliers of materials and financial services. Key activities and key resources also speak signal to the target market. Key activities of the company’s […]

Every component in business is marketer

adminFebruary 15, 2017
Advertising is one of the marketing factors. Advertising alongside other factors aims to keep sales on an ongoing basis. Ogilvy says the sole purpose of the advertisement is to sell (advertising is not an art form, it’s a medium for information, a message for a single purpose: to sell). Sell in English means two: selling […]

Hard Selling Ads, is it relevan?

adminFebruary 8, 2017
Hard selling is ads that drive sales transactions. Not in covert, but in overt. Blatantly want to sell goods. Blatantly suggest buying the product. Blatantly telling about the benefits of the product and asking people to buy, sometimes a little force, by showing the risks of not following his advice. Also sometimes openly declare the […]